Asante Samuel Trash Talks Philadelphia Eagles on Twitter

Former Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel knows how to create a stir both on and off the field. We all know very well that he enjoys spending his time taking vocal shots wherever and whenever he can. Today is no different.

Today, the nine-year veteran took to Twitter to display his antics posting a rash of tweets directed towards the Eagles organization. Asante didn’t get much love from Eagles fan as they taunted him regarding the amount of blown coverages and severe lack of tackling ability he had during his tenure in Philly.

As we all know the Eagles front office decided to part ways with Samuel this offseason in a trade with the Atlanta Falcons. And in return for Samuel’s services, Philadelphia asked, and received, a seventh-round draft pick. Maybe the trade had something to do with the lack of production on Samuel’s part — especially during the 2011 season. However, most believe it was due to Asante simply not being a fit for the type of defense the Eagles look to employ. Combine that with his age (31) and the two other cornerbacks the Eagles currently have on their roster how better fit the bill on the defense, Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, the move to trade Samuel was as obvious as it gets.

Below are the various tweets Samuel made this afternoon.

Samuel has had a fine career in the NFL, no doubt about it. A definite candidate as a future Hall of Fame player, Samuel has racked up 45 regular season INT’s, five of which led to a pick-six. However he’s not getting any younger and despite as fine of a player as Asante has been (should I have combined those words?), his production in 2011 was his worse season since 2005 in terms of getting the best of opposing QB’s — that’s how he’s made his living in the NFL.

Samuel went on record just 3 INT’s,  1 pick-six and 1 forced fumble. Combined with his atrocious tackling in which he notched just 34 (combined/solo) it was just the better move to make by the Eagles organization.

Asante will get his chance to put his money where his mouth is on October 28, 2012 when the Atlanta Falcons fly north to face the Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. I can’t wait to see a happy DeSean Jackson toast Samuel as he’s done in every practice prior to Asante’s departure. It’s going to be a great day, only thing that would make it better, seeing QB Michael Vick run the ball, lower his pads, and plant Samuel flat on his back!

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